Marina Abramović curates for Paddle8 website / New York

October 28, 2011

Performance artist Marina Abramović has curated an exhibition for the Paddle8 website entitled IMMATERIAL.

The online exhibition is the artist’s first curatorial venture. As we reported earlier on our site, Paddle8 is a new Internet platform introducing works of art for sale to subscribers through exhibitions curated by influential cultural figures such as Robin Williams and Vince Aletti. IMMATERIAL is the fourth Paddle8 exhibition.

Regarding her curatorial choices, Abramović stated: “As an artist, as a human being, I have always lived and breathed as radically as possible. My work has always pushed against the limits of what is considered as art. Out of this time in history has come art’s freedom from residing solely in the object. This exhibition is about artists who push us to the outermost bounds of reality, working with mediums that are all around us and part of every day living and breathing but that we often take for granted due to their lack of visibility, tactility and weight – such as gravity, time, smell, memory, movement, context and reflection.”

Artists in IMMATERIAL include David Adamo, Bas Jan Ader, Francis Alÿs, Marie Cool and Fabio Balducci, Davide Balliano, Stefan Brüggemann, Kendell Geers, Yves Klein, Terence Koh, Jim Lambie, Peter Liversidge, Piero Manzoni, Santiago Sierra, and Nico Vascellari. Paddle8 has also commissioned an interview with Marina Abramović by Hans Ulrich Obrist and an abstract video portrait of Abramovic by Allen Cordell featuring excerpts from the interview.

IMMATERIAL opened on October 26 Paddle8 and remains on view for five weeks.

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