Sam Falls – The Four Seasons Forever

September 18, 2015

Sam Falls
The Four Seasons Forever

Edition of 800
96 pages
Paperback 28×21 cm
ISBN 978-88-7816-175-7
€ 25

A new publication on the work of Sam Falls, The Four Seasons Forever, depicts 13 photogram works made by the artist, each pictured before and after its exposure to natural elements, such as sun, wind and rain. The first section of the book shows Falls’s collection of classical music on vinyl, photographed lying on shimmery, silk material. Each record, accompanied by its original cover, serves as “ elief” or “sun catalyst”, in order to create an impression of two geometric shapes (a circle and a square) on silk. Time, chance and accident combine in this series of works, which the artist created on the occasion of a year-long exhibition at Galleria Franco Noero, Turin. The publication includes an extended conversation between the artist and Nicolas Trembley.

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