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Flash Art #292 October 2013

NEWS → ◯ Singapore The 4th Singapore Biennale ◯ New York 89 Plus ◯ Manchester Do It ◯ New York The Gramsci Monument ◯ Aichi/Japan  Where Are We Standing? ◯ London Turner Prize ◯ Lyon The 12th Lyon Biennale ◯ Hobarth/Tasmania Dark Mofo ◯ Venice/Italy A dialogue with Venice: Zuecca Project Space ◯ Arles/France Nanjing/China New Art Museum for Southern China ◯ Tel Aviv/Israel Under the mountain ◯ USA Contemporary Connecticut ◯ USA Station to Station: Sculpting Images as they pass by

SPOTLIGHT → ◯ Paul McCarthy by Aniko Berman ◯ Illuminations by Robin Newman


ART BIZ → ◯ Maureen Paley London by Donatien Grau


FEATURE → ◯ Working to Work — Oscar Murillo by Beatrix Ruf ◯ It Takes a Lot to Do a Little — Fernanda Gomes by Laura McLean-Ferris ◯ Measuring Our Own Memory — Marisa Merz by Chiara Parisi ◯ The First Time — Sophie Calle by Christine Macel ◯ Learning How to Live — Ali Kazma by Firat Arapoglu ◯ What Are You Thinking About? — Ron Mueck by Grazia Quaroni ◯ Against the Archive by Ory Dessau


QUESTIONNAIRE → ◯ Ten Questions about Painting

REVIEWS → ◯ Reinventing Abstraction: New York Painting in the 1980s Cheim & Read/New York ◯ Roving Signs Matthew Marks/New York ◯ Wu Tsang Michael Benevento/Los Angeles ◯ Jose Dávila Max Wigram/London ◯ Donald Judd David Zwirner/London ◯ Dear Lynda… BQ/Berlin ◯ Display Galerie Hussenot/Paris ◯ Danh Vo Xavier Hufkens/Brussels ◯ Petrit Halilaj Wiels/Brussels ◯ Arbeidstid Henie Onstad Kunstsenter/Høvikodden ◯ Born this Way Monica De Cardenas/Milan ◯ Cristina Iglesias Elba Benítez/Madrid ◯ In Situ PiST///Istanbul ◯ Tomoko Yoneda ShugoArts/Tokyo