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Flash Art #282 January – February 2012

NEWS → ◯ Los Angeles Process is not dead; Dubai Carbon Compression ◯ New Orleans New directions for Prospect Biennial ◯ Reggio Emilia Stretching the social fabric ◯ Singapore Art Stage Singapore: breaking new ground ◯ Belgrade and Ljubjana 52nd October Salon ◯ Hong Kong Art HK: Going strong ◯ Savannah/United States Scad Museum expands ◯ Taichung/Taiwan Asian Art Biennial: putting Taiwan on the map ◯ New York the artery and axis point of High Line art ◯ Tel Aviv Holon goes digital on decode ◯ Italy Arte Povera 2011 ◯ New York Stage fright: on Performa 11

ARTIST’S PAGE → ◯ Ask Marina by Marina Abramović


ART BIZ → ◯ The Rich Get Richer and… by Marc Straus


CURATOR’S SPACE → ◯ On Bad Art, a Good Cause and the Perils of Getting Poked on Facebook by Sam Bardaouil


BOOKS → ◯ Future Plan and Program by Wendy Vogel ◯ Piotr Uklanski: Early Works by Nicola Trezzi ◯ Yvonne Rainer: Poems by Wendy Vogel


FEATURE → ◯ Cady Noland by Bozidar Brazda, Josephine Meckseper and Nicola Trezzi ◯ Matthew Day Jackson by David Tompkins ◯ Bilateral Talks by P & Co. and New Jerseyy ◯ Shirin Neshat and Wangechi Mutu by RoseLee Goldberg ◯ Intense Proximity by Rahma Khazam ◯ Ilya & Emilia Kabakov by Charles Riley II


FOCUS ASIA → ◯ Asia at a Glance: A Survey by Giancarlo Politi and Lucy Rees ◯ T.V. Santhosh by Kanchi Mehta ◯ Haegue Yang by Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson ◯ Ik-Joong Kang by Nicola Trezzi ◯ Zhang Yu by Blake Carter ◯ The Sultans of Indonesian Art by Christine Cocca


BRAND NEW → ◯ Stefanos Tsivopoulos by Marco Scotini ◯ Danna Vajda by David Everitt Howe


SPOTLIGHT → ◯ La Carte d’Après Nature by Christopher Hart Chambers ◯ Maurizio Cattelan: All by Donatien Grau

REVIEWS → ◯ Ronald Ventura Tyler Rollins Fine Art/New York ◯ Ann Lislegaard Murray Guy/New York ◯ Joshua Neustein – Sergej Jensen – N.Dash Untitled/New York ◯ Samara Golden Night Gallery/Los Angeles ◯ Kurt Ralske Young Projects/Los Angeles ◯ Ahmed Alsoudani Haunch of Venison/London ◯ Anri Sala Serpentine/London ◯ Tacita Dean Tate Modern/London ◯ Jennifer West Vilma Gold/London ◯ Wilhelm Sasnal Whitechapel Gallery/London ◯ Yang Jiechang Jaeger Bucher/Paris ◯ Sarah Crowner Catherine Bastide Bruxelles ◯ Thierry De Cordier Xavier Hufkens/Bruxelles