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Flash Art #280 October 2011

NEWS → ◯ Lyon South by Northwest: The new curator gives an Irish sheen to Lyon Biennial ◯ Basel Going Solo ◯ Istanbul The first Felix Gonzalez-Torres Biennial ◯ Greece Attention to Detail: Thessaloniki Biennale 2011 ◯ Moscow People & the City ◯ Rome Indian Highway and the Otolith group ◯ Berlin The artists formerly known as Aids-3D ◯ Gwangju Ai Weiwei: Design is not Design ◯ Amsterdam Genius without talent/Culture without funds ◯ Oslo Nordic Motion ◯ Medellìn A teachable moment ◯ Los Angeles Szeeman legacy lands in LA ◯ St.Ives Measuring the Universe ◯ São Paulo Galeria Fortes Vilaça ◯ London Lisson Gallery bets on Milan ◯ Time-based media La dolce Vita

GALLERIST’S PAGE → ◯ Air de Paris by Donatien Grau


COLLECTORS’ COLUMN → ◯ The Young and the Collected by Nicolai and Michael Frahm


ARTIST’S COLUMN → ◯ Marina’s Diary


FEATURE → ◯ Enrico David by Rita Selvaggio ◯ John Latham by Elisa Kay


FOCUS GERMANY → ◯ Kerstin Brätsch by Maurizio Cattelan ◯ Gerhard Richter by Hans Ulrich Obrist ◯ André Butzer by John Newsom ◯ The Prosumer Version by Jakob Schillinger


INTERVIEW → ◯ Ostalgia: A survey devoted to Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Republic. Conversation with Massimiliano Gioni by Silvia Conta ◯ Ayse Erkmen by Basak Senova ◯ Djordje Ozbolt by Subodh Gupta with an introduction by Sarah McRory


BRAND NEW → ◯ Mark Barrow by Nicola Trezzi ◯ Zak Prekop by Daniel Byers

REVIEWS → ◯ B. Wurtz Metro Pictures/New York ◯ The House without the Door David Zwirner/New York ◯ The making of the Chinese working class Ludlow 38/New York ◯ Portraits I 20/New York ◯ Michael E.Smith Michael Benevento/New York ◯ Drew Heitzler Blum&Poe/Los Angeles ◯ Mark Bradford Museum of Contemporary Art/Chicago ◯ The Normal Condition of any Communication Gallery TPW/Toronto ◯ Giuseppe Penone Haunch of Venison/London ◯ The minimal gesture Timothy Tailor/London ◯ Hackney Hoard Galerie8/London ◯ Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc Marcelle Alix/Paris ◯ Cyprien Gallard KW Institute of Contemporary Art/Berlin ◯ Joëlle Tuerlinckx Christian Nagel/Berlin ◯ Alejandro Almanza Pereda Chert/Berlin ◯ Natalie Czech UQBAR/Berlin ◯ DONE Tulips&Roses/Brussels ◯ Two versions of the Imaginary Annet Gelink/Amsterdam ◯ Sculpture Now Eva Presenhuber/Zurich ◯ Wade Guyton and Kelley Walker Guy Bärtschi/Geneva ◯ Joachim Koester Elba Benítez/Madrid ◯ Xu Longsen Museo della Civiltà Romana/Rome ◯ Rehearsal NON/Istanbul; Nick Relph Standard/Oslo ◯ Incidents of Mirror – Travel in Yucatan and Elsewhere Rufino Tamayo Museum/Mexico City ◯ Kohei Nawa Museum of Contemporary Art/Tokyo