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Flash Art #280 October 2011

Lyon South by Northwest: The new curator gives an Irish sheen to Lyon Biennial; Basel Going Solo; Istanbul The first Felix Gonzalez-Torres Biennial; Greece Attention to Detail: Thessaloniki Biennale 2011; Moscow People & the City; Rome Indian Highway and the Otolith group; Berlin The artists formerly known as Aids-3D; Gwangju Ai Weiwei: Design is not Design; Amsterdam Genius without talent/Culture without funds; Oslo Nordic Motion; Medellìn A teachable moment; Los Angeles Szeeman legacy lands in LA; St.Ives Measuring the Universe; São Paulo Galeria Fortes Vilaça; London Lisson Gallery bets on Milan; Time-based media La dolce Vita

Gallerist’s Page
Air de Paris
by Donatien Grau

Collectors’ Column
The Young and the Collected
by Nicolai and Michael Frahm

Artist’s Column
Marina’s Diary

Enrico David
by Rita Selvaggio

John Latham
by Elisa Kay

Focus Germany – Interview
Kerstin Brätsch
by Maurizio Cattelan

Focus Germany – Feature
Gerhard Richter
by Hans Ulrich Obrist

Focus Germany – Interview
André Butzer
by John Newsom

Focus Germany – Feature
The Prosumer Version
by Jakob Schillinger

Ostalgia: A survey devoted to Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Republic
Conversation with Massimiliano Gioni by Silvia Conta

Ayse Erkmen
by Basak Senova

Djordje Ozbolt
by Subodh Gupta with an introduction by Sarah McRory

Brand New
Mark Barrow
by Nicola Trezzi

Brand New
Zak Prekop
by Daniel Byers

B. Wurtz Metro Pictures/New York; The House without the Door David Zwirner/New York; The making of the Chinese working class Ludlow 38/New York; Portraits I 20/New York; Michael E.Smith Michael Benevento/New York; Drew Heitzler Blum&Poe/Los Angeles; Mark Bradford Museum of Contemporary Art/Chicago; The Normal Condition of any Communication Gallery TPW/Toronto; Giuseppe Penone Haunch of Venison/London; The minimal gesture Timothy Tailor/London; Hackney Hoard Galerie8/London; Mathieu Kleyebe Abonnenc Marcelle Alix/Paris; Cyprien Gallard KW Institute of Contemporary Art/Berlin; Joëlle Tuerlinckx Christian Nagel/Berlin; Alejandro Almanza Pereda Chert/Berlin; Natalie Czech UQBAR/Berlin; DONE Tulips&Roses/Brussels; Two versions of the Imaginary Annet Gelink/Amsterdam; Sculpture Now Eva Presenhuber/Zurich; Wade Guyton and Kelley Walker Guy Bärtschi/Geneva; Joachim Koester Elba Benítez/Madrid; Xu Longsen Museo della Civiltà Romana/Rome; Rehearsal NON/Istanbul; Nick Relph Standard/Oslo; Incidents of Mirror – Travel in Yucatan and Elsewhere Rufino Tamayo Museum/Mexico City; Kohei Nawa Museum of Contemporary Art/Tokyo