Set and Reset by Trisha Brown to be performed at Tate Modern, London

February 14, 2022
Rambert Dancers Naya Lovell, Alex Akapohi, Adél Bálint and Guillaume Quéau. Photography by Mariano Vivanco. Courtesy of Rambert.

Trisha Brown’s major work of post-modern dance Set and Reset will be performed for the first time at Tate Modern from March 12th to 14th, 2022 by the London-based dance company Rambert, who will showcase the fluid and unpredictable style of Brown’s original choreography.

In Set and Reset Brown worked with a process of memorised improvisation that layered phrases and timing to create an intricate piece of choreography. Like the original production, the piece features the original music composed by Laurie Anderson, lighting design by Beverly Emmons, and the stage-set and costumes by Robert Rauschenberg, who were all key collaborators on the project. Reflecting on the piece Brown stated that Set and Reset was defined by ‘metamorphic relationships; relationships between figures both plastic and organic; about space, both physical and aural’.

Rambert believes that to give brilliant and daring people the chance to inspire others, is to give them the power to move the world forward. Britain’s oldest dance company is also one of the world’s most diverse and forward looking. They transform everyday spaces by making dance that is awe-inspiring, adventurous, dynamic and relevant and taking it to our neighbourhood, the nation and the world. Rambert want to hear the most exciting and radical ideas wherever they may come from and to connect with brilliant and daring audiences and participants from all backgrounds. They deliver inspiration, ambition and belief, through performance; dance and wellness classes for people of all ages and abilities; and outreach and community initiatives.

These performances are part of Dance Reflections by Van Cleef & Arpels festival running across London from March 9th to 23rd, 2022. Built on the values of creation, transmission and education, this wide-reaching celebration of choreography features 17 modern and contemporary dance performances highlighting both major repertoire works and new productions.

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