As We Leave The Window Open: A New Platform on Sound As a Device for Experimentation and Transmission

December 9, 2021

Part of LISTE Expedition, As We Leave The Window Open centers sound as a device for experimentation and transmission.

As We Leave The Window Open invites artists, musicians, writers, initiatives, and researchers to modulate a new experience on our online platform. Every contributor is given “carte blanche” and an opportunity to use our platform as an open or changing window for seven days. The rolling program of 52 contributions will be released in a steady rhythm – issuing a new window every week.

As we leave the window open, we begin with listening as the basis for encountering emerging and underrepresented positions. In an attempt for a virtual program based on the dimension of having such positions heard, we will center sonically attuned projects. The platform will generate, promote and preserve multi-sensory outcomes, biopolitical resonances, and performative approaches.

As we leave the window open, a network of practitioners working within interdisciplinary practices and research will unfold. Each intervention will offer works encompassing sound-making and research from those who work within the broader fields of contemporary art, experimental music, sound-based practices, and research initiatives.

As we leave the window open, a barrier between silence and noise dissolves. Launching December 8, 2021, the project will dedicate one year to exploring the relationships among any and all sounds whether natural or technological, intended or unintended, real, remembered or imaginary.

The program for the month of December includes Nathalie Rebholz, PRICE, The Unplugged and Xenometok.

As We Leave The Window Open is a collaboration between Mohamed Almusibli, Jazmina Figueroa, Gerome Gadient, Tobias Koch, and Hannah Weinberger.

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