Resilient Responses: Repair and Restore, Ekin Bernay’s performance online at Tate Modern

January 4, 2021
Photography by Guillaume Valli.

Bruce Nauman uses his body as material to explore what it means to be human. Inspired by his work and in response to the pandemic, this workshop encourages audiences to explore stillness, movement, and breath.

Working with the body as a map, you will discover your physical limits and resistance. At this moment of challenge, this meditative workshop is an invitation to slow down, reflect and connect with your inner power and resilience.

Join performance artist, dance, and movement psychotherapist Ekin Bernay to reap the health benefits of moving your body. You will use repetition, movement phrases and an enhanced awareness of self to tap into the joy and healing properties offered by slowing down and moving intuitively.

This event is part of the Terra Foundation for American Art Series: New Perspectives.

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