The New Centre for Research & Practice opens the scholarship applications for the fall/winter 2020 certificate programs

August 31, 2020
Daniel Hoelzl, Grounded No. 2, 2020. Recycled carbon fiber, aluminum, paraffin wax. Courtesy of the artist.

Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, The New Centre for Research & Practice has continued to experience growth in 2020, with more Members, Students, and Researchers joining our institution. Its fall/winter seminars will engage in timely discussions reflecting on our new planetary conditions.

The upcoming schedule includes Seminars by the following Instructors: Loren Britton, J.P. Caron, Jason Mohaghegh, Reza Negarestani, Posthuman Studies Lab, Daniel Sacilotto, and Anne-Françoise Schmid/Joevenn Neo/Tony Yanick. In addition, Jacob Eriksen will be moderating our Artistic Practice Survey Seminar titled “On Sound: Unsound.”

The New Centre for Research & Practice is also ecstatic to announce its inaugural M WOODS Scholarships. These new fully-funded positions are for two deserving applicants from China to attend a two-year program of their choice at The New Centre. M WOODS is a leading independent non-profit art museum in Beijing with two museums, M WOODS 798, and the newly opened M WOODS Hutong.

The New Centre is working with ESAP, a cooperative art university in Porto, Portugal, as it moves towards offering an online MA in Critical Studies as well as a more immediate Postgrad Certificate in Art and Curatorial Studies. We also welcome our new Institutional Member, ARTWORKS, an Athens-based art organization, creating a fertile environment for Greek artists by funding public engagement opportunities.

The Public Program Sheltering Places has featured stimulating conversations between The New Centre Researchers and other artists & thinkers worldwide. This program initially emerged as a response to the sudden loss of both social and formal discursive spaces due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Following the success of the first Season, an unprecedented 15 hours of programming in 5 weeks, The New Centre is continuing the series by shifting to weekly topical discussions moderated by our Students and Researchers. Both Seasons of Sheltering Placesare available on YouTube and Soundcloud.

Working with British Columbia’s Richmond Art Gallery, and in anticipation of the upcoming physical exhibition God In Reverse, The New Centre organizer Mohammad Salemy curated an online screening series showcasing selected filmic works from the exhibition. Beginning on June 1 and running through September 16, the screenings, each uniquely responding to the problems of artificial intelligence and/or automation, have been available for viewing one after another.

Sponsored by The New Centre, this year’s Off White Benefit Auction for Cosmoscow Foundation, titled Fiction & Forecast: New Generative Aesthetics and Worldmaking, will be curated by Mohammad Salemy. On May 20, the Cosmoscow Foundation, in collaboration with The New Centre, organized the first iteration of “Artistic Cosmos: Worldmaking & The New Normals.” We will be hosting the program’s second iteration during the Cosmoscow Auction and Fair in Moscow from September 10 to 13, 2020.

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