Artium Museoa announces the Juncal Ballestín International Research Grant

January 17, 2022
Alberto Areta Martínez de Marañón, Portrait of Juncal Ballestín, 1988. Juncal. Courtesy of Ballestín Archive and Museum of Contemporary Art of the Basque Country.

Artium Museoa announces a call for entries for an International Research Grant from its Research and Documentation Centre for Basque Women Artists, Feminist Artistic Practices and Art Theories.

This Documentation Centre and its programmes stem from the museum’s commitment to the present and to the history of art, as well as to its mission of including women artists and feminist theorists in the narratives of their disciplines in a crosscutting manner through its fields of action.

The goals of the Documentation Centre are to bring together, preserve and disseminate documentation and archives of Basque women artists; to bring together and preserve documentation and archives of women artists and thinkers linked to the museum’s collection and its programmes; to identify, collect, organise, preserve and disseminate bibliographic and documentary sources that contribute to research on artistic practice and feminist thought.

In 2021, the museum received a donation of the work and archives of the artist Juncal Ballestín (1953–2015) from the Anesvad NGO, heir to her legacy. This research grant is therefore named in her memory.

The object of this call for proposals is to select a research project aimed to develop the historiography of feminist art within both the Basque Country and international contexts, and/or o study the production of women artists and thinkers linked to the programme of the museum and its Collection.

Researchers of any nationality, regardless of age, may apply for this call, either individually or as members of a group submitting a joint application. Applicants must present a research project to be developed during the period covered by the grant.

The maximum amount allocated for conducting the research shall not exceed 7,000 euros and shall cover the researcher’s fees and the expenses arising from developing the research. The work covered by the grant shall have a duration of nine consecutive months, beginning from the date on which the grantees accept the grant in writing.

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