Future Art Ecosystems 2, an online conference hosted by Serpentine Galleries

September 13, 2021

Join the Serpentine Arts Technologies team and our contributors to Future Art Ecosystems 2 as we discuss the metaverse and the opportunities and challenges facing artists, producers and cultural institutions within an increasingly virtual landscape.

What can antecedent technologies teach us about how we approach software and virtual development? If we consider alternate histories towards metaverse building blocks like coding, video games, and the internet, can we reclaim them for our creative futures? Our fluency with metanarratives around corporate tech and Silicon Valley have become homogenous and commonplace, but challenging them is necessary to speculate potential infrastructural shifts that can better support artists and institutions alike.

Join artist, technologist and producer Amelia Winger-Bearskin along with Serpentine Galleries Arts Technologies Commission Producer Tamar Clarke-Brown, as they discuss Amelia’s research into antecedent technologies, virtual collaboration models between public and private, and recount early origin stories around hacking the metaverse.

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