New Museum presents (Not) Dancing On My Own, a participatory workshop series

January 18, 2021
Jessi Stegall. Photography by Ilya Vidrin. Courtesy of the artist.

(Not) Dancing On My Own is a participatory workshop series pairing ethics and movement. After a meditative opening and interpersonal check-in, participants will be invited to physically engage with the form (texture, volume, shape, etc.) of their surroundings, including doors, floors, walls, and furniture. Through the lens of dance, participants will physically consider relationships with objects as subjects to investigate the possibilities of partnering. The workshops will conclude with a guided discussion of shared agency and opportunities to encourage individual and collective well-being.

In a time of physical distancing, this workshop series forms a narrative arc, inviting participants to move from guided observation to facilitated play to personal practice with their surroundings. Workshops will be co-led by dance research-practitioners Ilya Vidrin, Jessi Stegall, and Valeria Solomonoff.

In the first of three workshops, participants will be invited into embodied inquiry. We will investigate the quality of movement in relationship to personal space, establishing boundaries of what is and is not possible.

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