Galleria Marra and Gallery Nosco inaugurate MARRA\NOSCO Gallery with group show, “The Little Thing That Counts”

December 21, 2021

Galleria Anna Marra (Italy) and Gallery Nosco (UK – France) announce their partnership as the joint venture: MARRA\NOSCO Gallery.

The new Brussels based gallery will run an exhibition space in addition to those already managed abroad by the two founding partners. The partnership will enhance and expand the focus of the two galleries, which already demonstrates a highly complementary and multidisciplinary artistic program, and will create dialogues between artists from different generations and continents, as well as sign on promising emerging artists on the international scene.

It’s not the first collaboration of these two galleries in Brussels. In March 2021, in a moment when the art world had come to a standstill, prioritizing digital viewing rooms and virtual shows, both galleries teamed up with a third one to open a joint curatorial physical venue in Brussels called Bubble’n’Squeak. Hosted with the incentive of supporting global younger and mid career artists achieve visibility through exhibitions and selected art fairs, the temporary curatorial project has now closed after showing 40 international artists and 4 exhibitions.

MARRA\NOSCO Brussels venue is located in the central neighbourhood of St Catherine, on the first floor of a charming historic building.

The opening group show that will inaugurate the new space will bring together represented and newly signed artists, and constitutes a first testimony of what’s to come. Titled “The Little Thing That Counts”, the show will present work by Andreea Albani, Norbert Filep, Carlos Martiel, José Carlos Martinat, José Luis Martinat, Nunzio, Radu Oreian, Andrew Orloski, Perino & Vele and Túlio Pinto.

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