A Global Affair: Art13 London

March 1, 2013

Art13 London (March 1 – 3 2013), London’s new art fair for modern and contemporary art, opens today.

The fair aims to present a global perspective while displaying art from 1945 to the present day. Over 70% of the galleries are exhibiting at an art fair in London for the very first time. This first edition will showcase 129 leading galleries from 30 different countries.Along with the usual gallery exhibits Art13 London will also dedicate space to ‘Projects’ and ‘Performances’. There will be 21 projects by both established and emerging artists from 15 different countries. Taking place on the hour, the dedicated performance booth will showcase 11 performances by international artists, representing the range of contemporary performance art being produced today.

Art13 London is organized by Art Fairs London Ltd. which has been set up by two of the original founders of ART HK: Hong Kong International Art Fair, Tim Etchells and Sandy Angus.

Flash Art caught up with the director, Stephanie Dieckvoss, in the November/December 2012 issue of Flash Art International. Read the interview below.

Lucy Rees: With so many art fairs around the world, what makes this fair different? How will it stand out from the rest, and particularly from Frieze in London?

Stephanie Dieckvoss: Art13 London is unique in its approach to bringing a global art fair to London. Our aim is to mix galleries from all corners of the world to create a platform for a constructive and fruitful dialogue between galleries, artists, curators, critics and collectors from the West as well as the East.

LR: Drawing on your experience at Art HK and Frieze, what makes a successful art fair?

SD: Exhibitor and visitor experience are key. For exhibitors this means perfect logistics, good presentations, successful marketing and the feeling that they are looked after. For visitors it means ensuring they have a very special experience, interesting things to see, nice spaces in which to relax and stimulating talks and auxiliary events. The main focus for us organizers is to bring the right collectors to the right galleries.

LR: How much emphasis is placed on young galleries new to the art scene? Could you explain the mission of the curated section, London First?

SD: The fair welcomes both emerging and established galleries, and we will create an important balance between those two strands. However, we do acknowledge the importance of emerging artists and galleries, who of course will be the future in a way, so we have two sections to support their efforts. The Young Galleries section showcases around ten galleries under six years old. London First was created to help young galleries who have never done an art fair before in London to manage their risk by subsidizing their stand rates. Furthermore, the section is advised by Lisa Le Feuvre, head of the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds. With her advice, this section will become an incubator or microcosm of the main fair with a selection of fifteen galleries from across the world.

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