Matteo Callegari

June 28, 2016

Matteo-Callegari_Flash-Art-1Matteo-Callegari_Flash-Art-2 Matteo-Callegari_Flash-Art-3 Matteo-Callegari_Flash-Art-4 Matteo-Callegari_Flash-Art-5 Matteo-Callegari_Flash-Art-6 Matteo-Callegari_Flash-Art-7
Matteo Callegari

Edition of 600
124 pages
Hardcover 26×24 cm
ISBN  9788894154009
€ 30

This publication explores the painting practice of New York–based, Italian-born artist Matteo Callegari. Organized in sections according to the artist’s bodies of work, the volume digs into Callegari’s constellation of references — from ancient funerary sculpture to Renaissance painting — and rearticulates materials according to the artist’s strategies of image-making. Design studio Front Desk Apparatus imitates Callegari’s painting practices of distortion and delineation in order to freeze the moment in which the images’ semantic value deteriorates. Callegari’s paintings appear in these pages as corrupted data, information bugs; at the same time they fight for their own iconicity. Embodying the very process of the artworks’s making, this book can be read as the platform of Callegari’s “painting system.”

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