Thomas Boutoux

March 13, 2008

Two projects are on the horizon for French art critic and curator Thomas Boutoux, the founding member of castillo/corrales, a Paris-based commercial art gallery used collectively by Metronome Press, the curatorial agency Work Method and Balice/Hertling gallery.

Suite, a collaboration with French artist Guillaume Leblon, will be staged during Leblon’s upcoming solo show, which opens tomorrow night (March 14) at STUCK in Louvain, Belgium. This project – a performance featuring three young male characters in conversation – will take place during the opening and then at the Theatre of STUCK on April 16.

Secondly, Boutoux is the guest editor for the very first issue of Rosa B – a web magazine published by Guadalupe Echevarría and Charlotte Laubard, the directors of the CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art and the School of Fine Arts, both in Bordeaux. These two institutions are heavily involved in the magazine, whose name is inspired by Rosa Bonheur (1822-1899), the famous 19th century painter born in Bourdeaux who later founded the Young Persons’ Free School of Drawing in Paris.

Each issue of Rosa B will be developed by a guest editor. However, after this first issue Boutoux will remain part of the editorial board together with Yann Chateigné, Guadalupe Echevarría, Patricia Falguières, Charlotte Laubard, Didier Lechenne, Annette Nève, Martine Péan and Lili Reynaud-Dewar.

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