Alex Gartenfeld / Artistic Director at the ICA Miami

December 23, 2019

ON VIEW is a printed and an online section in which Flash Art invites prominent figures of the art world to select the best current and upcoming international exhibitions.

Joel Overstreet, “INNOVATION OF FLIGHT: PAINTINGS 1967-1972” at Eric Firestone, New York from March 1 until May 5, 2020.

Joel Overstreet, “INNOVATION OF FLIGHT: PAINTINGS 1967-1972” Installation view at Eric Firestone, NY 2019. Courtesy of Eric Firestone and the artist

Joe Overstreet, an artist and activist whose work explored space and color, died earlier this year, after a number of key exhibitions brought his shaped canvas to prominence.  This exhibition showcases the artist’s consistency and his variety, through saturated and process based paintings in vibrant colors from the early 80s. (Other excellent works are currently on view as part of the Menil Collection’s recent acquisitions in Houston)

“Senga Nengudi” at Lenbachhaus Munich until January 19, 2019.

Senga Nengudi Performance Piece, 1977, Triptych (detail) Performer: Maren Hassinger, Original photo: Harmon Outlaw, Lenbachhaus Munich, KiCo Collection © Senga Nengudi 2018

One of my regrets is doing a narrowly focused Senga Nengudi exhibition instead of a comprehensive one. There are decades of incredible and vastly underknown work beyond her iconic and  revolutionary performative works with pantyhose. This survey at the Lenbachhaus continues the inquiry into Nengudi’s work from 90s, including incredible and ephemeral plastic and liquid works.

Manuel Solano, “Portraits” at Peres Projects, Berlin 2019 until Oct 25, 2019.

Manuel Solano, “Portraits” Installation view at Peres Projects, Berlin 2019. Courtesy of Peres Projects and the artist

Manuel Solano continues to explore the relationship of painting to memory and identity. The artist, who is blind, conjures a canon of evocative subjects ranging from friends to Santa Clause to Avatar. The exhibition demonstrates Manuel’s incredible range and intellect.

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